Cats and Dogs Bad Breath

We all know cats or dogs with bad breath can be less than pleasant company! Bad Breath is often caused by decaying food debris between the teeth, in the oesophagus, or on the mucous membrane. Odour is also absorbed from the intestinal tract into the blood and then released through the breath.

When Fresh Pets is sprayed on to your pets food daily bad breath can be removed to a point where it is undetectable or completely gone.

Each Bottle of FRESH PETS Solution contains 350 sprays.

Depending on your Pet size, Each Bottle will on average treat your Pet for 2 months.

We do recommend that if your pet has any growth or sores causing the bad breath issue then you should always ask your vet to investigate further as Fresh Pets™ does not suggest in any way that our product can cure any growth or sores.

For convenience, Fresh Pet comes as a liquid that you simply spray onto your pet’s regular food every mealtime and mix it in.



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