What is Fresh Pets ?

The most difficult message to get across to potential customers is that Fresh Pets™ is sprayed onto the pet’s food, not around the house or car

Fresh Pets™ is not an air bourn air freshener.

All pets have sensitive noses and airborne sprays whilst blanketing odours in the short term really do not do your pets any favours.

We decided to produce a product from natural and safe sources which would treat the odours at source reducing the need for airborne air fresheners.

Once we had tested our product over many years, we listened to people’s views on the best way to introduce Fresh Pets™ into a pets diet easily and without the need for tablets whether it be crushed into food or hidden in a treat.

The answer, a simple solution which is sprayed directly onto your pet’s food.

Our thinking was humans take vitamins in tablet form and for most it is not a big deal to swallow a tablet. But some people struggle with tablets and a liquid form is the easiest solution but still getting the vitamins they need.

Research and some years later a formulation which caters for all pet odours was born.

FRESH PETS™ THE SOLUTION ! is a unique and natural safe product that can remove all types of pet odours.


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