A natural food supplement that removes unwanted dog odour

How Fresh Pets works while caring for your dog:

Dog Odours ! Many people spray “perfumes” that try to mask the unpleasant dog odour with no consideration for their pet’s sensitive nose. However, Fresh Pets™ prevents odours rather than masking them. It binds to the odour molecules so that the dog odour is no longer detectable by a human nose.

We have had a leading professor of microbiology test Fresh Pets™ on the most common bacteria of the digestive tract to ensure that the gentle balance of gut flora is not upset.

Your dogs digestive & immune systems will also be safely cleansed. Our customers return because we pride ourselves on customer service as well as the fact that Fresh Pets actually works !

Why not contact us with any questions you may have and we will be happy to answer them.

For convenience, Fresh Pets™ comes as a liquid that you simply spray onto your pet’s regular food every mealtime and mix it in.


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