Fresh Pets FAQ

Q. Is Fresh Pets safe for my pet?

A. This is the number one question and quite rightly so. After Extensive tests and many years of creating the Fresh Pets Formulation only then did we take our product into production. I personally and Fresh Pets Limited would never release a product that had not been thoroughly tested and that I was not 100% prepared to use on my own pets. We do have a safety page listed under the benefits tab which you may like to read. But please be rest assured that Fresh Pets™ is being used by many thousands of pets around the world and our own dogs have and still are having no issues with Fresh Pets™ solution.

Q. Is the dosage on label of bottle an exact amount needed?

A. Over many years of testing and getting the formulation to a level which is effective for all sizes of pet, the dosage chart is a guideline to get the best results across a broad range of pet sizes. We have reports of customers increasing the dosage in the first couple of days using Fresh Pets™ (which is totally safe to do) purely to achieve their desired result faster.  Once they had their particular pet odour under control they reverted back to the recommended dosage and in some cases less dosage.

Q. Does Fresh Pets Solution work with any brand of dog food?

A. Fresh Pets™ works with any Brand (moist or dry food) you just spray on the recommended amount and Fresh Pets™ does the rest. Your pet won’t even know it has been added.

Please feel free to contact us directly via email or telephone and we will gladly give you advice and a no sales pitch answer relating to your pet’s odour issue.

Q. Is it suitable for vegetarian pets?

A. Fresh Pets™ is suitable for pets on a vegetarian diet.


For convenience, Fresh Pets™ comes as a liquid that you simply spray onto your pet’s regular food every mealtime and mix it in.


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