dog lawn burns

Lawn Burns

 Lawn Burns and how to help stop it !

Lawn Burns are caused by Dog’s urine which contains ammonia which can burn the grass and causes it to discolour.

As bitches usually squat, the ammonia is concentrated in a small area which can cause quite a brown discolouration, therefore bitches tend to be more of a problem than male dogs.

In the winter, lawn burns are less detectable, because rain dilutes the ammonia somewhat.

However, in the summer months, lawn burns can become much more troublesome – as the ground is dryer – and more ammonia is drawn into the grass causing the damage.

Logically, the only way to stop this is to reduce the ammonia content of the urine itself, rather than treat the grass. If you do so, the lawn quickly repairs and the patches grow out.

Using only natural edible food ingredients Fresh Pets lowers urine ammonia concentrations hence keeping your lawn nice and green. For convenience, Fresh Pets comes as a liquid that you simply spray onto your pet’s regular food every mealtime and mix it in.

Each Bottle of FRESH PETS Solution contains 350 sprays.

Depending on your Pet size, Each Bottle will on average treat your Pet for 2 months.


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