A natural food supplement that removes unwanted litter tray odour and helps your pets immune system

Litter tray odour

litter tray odour can be a problem, but many people spray “perfumes” that try to mask the unpleasant odours with no consideration for their pet’s sensitive nose. However, Fresh Pets prevents cat litter tray odour rather than masking them. It binds to the odour molecules so that the odour is no longer detectable by a human nose.

The Safe and Easy way to Reduces litter tray odours while also helping with renal issues, digestive system and general cat odours

We have had a leading professor of microbiology test Fresh Pets on the most common bacteria of the digestive tract to ensure that the gentle balance of gut flora is not upset.

For convenience, Fresh Pets comes as a liquid that you simply spray onto your pet’s regular food every mealtime and mix it in.

Each Bottle of FRESH PETS Solution contains 350 sprays.

Depending on your Pet size, Each Bottle will on average treat your Pet for 3 months.



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