Fresh Pets Safety


Fresh Pets was developed by pet lovers with safety in mind. It is a unique combination of edible plant extracts and minerals that neutralise odours as they are formed. Thousands of customers have used Fresh Pets™ over many years with no adverse reactions being reported .

All natural food ingredients can spoil very quickly, therefore a small amount of preservative is used to ensure that bacteria or moulds do not enter the product. The preservative have been chosen because it is considered safe enough to include in every day soft drinks. The acidity of the product is regulated with natural fruit acid. This is because preservatives work best in set pH ranges. The fruit acid ensures that the preservative is effective even in very small amounts.

Samples from batches are then sent to one of Europe’s largest independent microbiology labs to test that the product has not been spoiled by bacteria or moulds. We have chosen this lab because it has an international reputation for high-quality analysis.

To ensure that the gentle balance of gut flora is not upset by regular use of Fresh Pets™, we had a leading professor of microbiology test Fresh Pets™ on the most common digestive tract bacteria. The study concluded that Fresh Pets’ action does not alter the gut bacteria.

For convenience, Fresh Pets™ comes as a liquid that you simply spray onto your pet’s regular food every mealtime and mix it in.



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