Lawn Burn Control Super Pack 4 x 250ml Bottles (Dogs)

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What causes lawn burns and how may they be treated?

Ammonia is released in urine as a part of normal digestion. In strong concentrations ammonia can cause lawn burn the grass leaving brown patches. Lawn Burn Control helps to address this problem:

How to safely lower the ammonia concentrations in the urine to stop further damage to the lawn.

Bitches and pups usually squat to urinate, so the ammonia is concentrated in a small area which can cause quite a brown discolouration.

In the winter, dog lawn burns are less of a problem, because rain water dilutes the ammonia. It is in the summer months that brown lawn patches are seen more frequently, because the ammonia finds it easier to penetrate the dryer soil and get drawn into the grass.

Ammonia production is simply part of a dog’s normal bodily function, so rather than try to alter ammonia production, we have created a food supplement that uses natural plant extracts that bind to the ammonia itself making it less harmful to the lawn.

Let’s assume that you have a 15kg dog (33lbs) and you feed her twice a day.

The Anti-Lawn Burn Formula comes in a bottle that has a metered device on the top delivering a specified amount of liquid each time the spray top is depressed. In the above example you would apply 4 sprays to the dog’s regular brand of food each meal and mix it in thoroughly with a fork. Within a month the ammonia concentrations should reduce.

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  1. ” I have two German Shorthaired Pointer bitches and since moving house last year to a property with a much smaller garden I had experienced huge problems with patches on the lawn.
    I tried several remedies during the summer of 2007 to no avail. However, early this year I discovered Freshpets and very soon I began to see the results. There has been an amazing improvement with patches almost eradicated. I will certainly continue to use the product and recommend it to both friends and neighbours.”

    S Robinson, West Sussex

    S Robinson

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