Dog Poop Eating


Why do dogs eat poop. Dog poop eating bitches often eat the poop of their young. When they have Fresh Pets unique formula added to their food this habit usually stops which baffled many of our users. However if one applies a little logic to the problem a simple answer develops.

In the wild, poop odours would attract predators to the young. If the mother eats the stools (and deposits her own faecal matter away from the litter) predators are not alerted, so the young pups stay out of harms way. Once her young’s faecal matter no longer produces an odour, there is no need for the mother to eat it.

What you should remember, is that a dog’s sense of smell is so great, that it may still detect an odour even when you can not. If the bitch is still poop eating when you are no longer able to detect an odour from the stool, increasing the dose slightly usually solves the problem.

Note that Fresh Pets may not stop the habit of eating other dog’s poop, unless the dog “donating the poop” has had Fresh Pets mixed into its food.

For convenience, Fresh Pets comes as a liquid that you simply spray onto your pet’s regular food every mealtime and mix it in.



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