People often say cat urine is the worst.

A by-product of protein digestion is ammonia which can clearly be detected in the odour of cats urine. Fresh Pets lowers ammonia levels and hence removes urine odours.

The longer cat or dog urine sits in a carpet, the worse the problem becomes. Bacteria  builds up, and the urine is soaked not only into the carpeting but also into the pad below and, in some instances, the wood floors and its sub-floor. Pet urine can also seep into concrete.

What Not to Use to Clean up Dog or Cat Urine Odours

Bleach. If thinking of using bleach to clean the concrete floors after removing the urine-stained carpet. Bleach will not kill the odour of cat urine or dog urine. It simply disinfects. Bleach is harmful to breathe, and it’s toxic for your pets, too.

If your pet is urinating in your home Fresh Pets will not stop a cat or dog from doing this, but we have had reports from many customers saying that after using Fresh Pets™ on their pets food the urine odours in general were far less and in some cases the odour was undetectable to the human nose.

For convenience, Fresh Pets comes as a liquid that you simply spray onto your pet’s regular food every mealtime and mix it in.

Each Bottle of FRESH PETS Solution contains 350 sprays.

Depending on your Pet size, Each Bottle will on average treat your Pet for 2 months.


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