Dog Wind Odours

Does your dog’s flatulence have you gasping for air? Can one fart from your dog clear a room? Gassy dogs might be funny to some, but it’s something we dog lovers can live without.

The normal process of digestion produces gasses in the intestinal tract. Foul-smelling gas is often caused by bacteria in the colon that aids in digestion of foods that were not completely digested in the stomach and small intestines. Spraying a recommended daily amount of Fresh Pets™ on your pet’s food will greatly reduce the offending odour and in many reported cases the odour is undetectable to the human nose.

Happy friends and family especially, at home parties and Christmas time. (Sorry Dad no blaming the dog now).

For convenience, Fresh Pets™ comes as a liquid that you simply spray onto your pet’s regular food every mealtime and mix it in.



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